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At the end of the day it’s all just balls, balls & more balls! LOL The 75 Ball and 90 Ball bingo games at Giggle Bingo are serious fun. We bring you the two most popular online bingo games at the hottest and most hilarious online bingo room. Are you new to online bingo? Not sure how to play? Our games are fun, friendly and fully automated, so playing just couldn’t be easier. Here’s a quick rundown on the games we have waiting for you.

In each room we have incredible JACKPOTS to play for, so check out our Jackpots Central to find out just how much dough you could be rolling in!

Now of course, to get in on this winning action, you are going to need some bingo tickets, so take a gander at just how easy it is to buy as many as you like.

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75 Ball Bingo

The Ice Breaker Room is Giggle Bingo’s Canadian themed 75 Ball Bingo room. We may be biased but here you can play 75 ball online bingo at its absolute best!

In 75 Ball Bingo you play for one prize per game using a 5 x 5 grid bingo ticket full of random numbers from 1 – 75. To make things easier for you at Giggle Bingo, on every ticket the central square is a FREE one. That’s right; on every ticket we have already marked one square off for you! WOOHOO!

Each 75 Ball Bingo game you play will have a specific pattern. Be the first to complete the pattern and you get to claim the prize. There are hundreds of interesting and entertaining patterns available. The pattern will be shown clearly on your bingo ticket, and remember, claiming a win is automatic so sit back and chat away while we do all the hard work for you!

We have tons of exciting patterns for you to play, including everything from the dollar sign, sunshine, explosions and the most popular pattern of them all – the blackout pattern! Take a sneak peek at just a few of the patterns that you will be playing…

Check out all the fabulous 75-ball bingo games in our Ice Breaker Schedule.

Download an example of some of our fabulous 75 Ball Bingo Patterns here

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90 Ball Bingo

Giggle Bingo has online 90 Ball bingo covered; your toughest choice by far will be where to start! We have four fabulous rooms, the Snickers, Grapevine, Easy Wins and Treasure Chest, all of which offer 90 Ball Bingo. However each room has its own unique feel and flavour.

Snickers Room: Barmy, bonkers and side-splittingly funny, this room will have you in stitches as you bingo away the days and nights. Want something a little different? Then check out the Snickers Schedule. You won't be disappointed.

Grapevine:There will be new bingo games and Grapevine will be open 24 hours a day!

Easy Wins:Play free bingo every day from 3pm - midnight GMT.

Treasure Chest:Play all new bingo games with BIG prizes daily from 7pm - 1am GMT.

In every 90 Ball Bingo game you play for not one, not two but three – count them! – THREE prizes every game! WOOHOO!

1st Line win – by daubing all 5 numbers on any one of the three lines available,
2nd Line win – by daubing all 10 numbers on any two of the lines available,
Full House win - And lastly, we play for Full House (FH), but daubing all of the numbers on the bingo ticket.

If you get all three wins in one game, you get a hat trick, commonly known as a HATTY! WOOHOO! Ask your CH, as you could be eligible for a special treat to mark the special win.

The 90 ball bingo game is played on a 3-row bingo ticket, each row having 5 random numbers in it from 1-90.

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Buying Tickets

We know you are eager to start, and buying tickets is the first step! When you are logged in you will see a bingo ticket on your right which looks like this:

Simply click the "Buy Next Game" button, select the number of tickets you want and click buy. You will notice as you increase the number of tickets you want the total price is clearly displayed for you. Remember that some games have a minimum ticket requirement.

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Advanced Buy

Want to sit and chat while you bingo without forgetting to buy your tickets? Well that's easily done with Giggle Bingo in our "Advanced Buy" area. You will notice an "Advanced Buy" button bottom left in the bingo room.

When you click this you will get a pop up showing you the games for the next 24 hours.

The games will display in an hour or two-hour block, so just choose the time you want to play, and click on a game to purchase cards. When you have purchased you will notice your tickets showing in the Tickets column.

Then you will follow the same process as before! Choose the number of tickets and press 'Buy'. See… easy peasy lemon squeesy! Pick as many games as you like, then settle into chat for a fun-filled time of laughs and giggles with your bingo buddies.

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Make Giggle Bingo your Own

We want you to feel at home at Giggle Bingo, so we've given you some choices to personalise what you see and hear. Simply press the options button and put your own stamp on Giggle Bingo.

Understanding the importance of the lucky dauber that will see you laughing all the way to the bank, at Giggle Bingo, not only can you choose from a huge range of colours and shapes, but we even let you preview it before you use it!

In this area you can also change your game and audio settings, making your set up uniquely perfect just for you. Your settings will be saved for you, so you need only do this once.

If you are using an older computer that may find some of the excellent graphics and animations difficult to handle, there are options to turn off high quality flash, animations and sounds.

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