Online Bingo Typos Exposed

This is CHM Giggles reporting Live for Typos Exposed! We’ve all been there in chat when there has been the most hilarious typo made, one that made you laugh so hard your eyes leaked and you could no longer breathe! A Typo that made every roomie forget about their chat game calls and made you laugh so loud you woke the neighbour’s kid!

Typonese affects us all at some stage or other, so let’s embrace the laughter together as Giggle Bingo, the online bingo room proudly presents you with the funniest typos of chat…

You Give Me Fever!

To set the Scene… It was very early in the morning one weekend as CH Jester and the roomies were having a good old sing a long in chat.

CH Jester: Never know how much I love you,
Nanapolly: Never know how much I care
Minxy: When you put your arms around me
CH Jester: arms around me, I give you fever that's so hard to bear!
Nanapolly: You give me fever, when you kiss me
CH Jester: Fever when you hold me tit
CH Jester: Fever!!!!
Nanapolly: OMG lmaoooooooooooooo
Minxy: Can’t breathe…. Laffing…..
CH Jester: wot wot?? OH LMAOOOOOOO oopsie!
Nanapolly: CH Jester is da Madonna wiff da hot boobies! Lmaoo

PMSL! CH Jester had meant to shorten Tight to Tite but dropped the e’ and got a fever when someone was holding her tit LMAO!

Never Call Your Roomies a Piggy LOL

To set the Scene… CHM Giggles was in chat hosting and a player came in that she called “Pink”.

**** Pink123 enters chat ****
CHM Giggles: ♥ ello ello ♥ oink, we are playing darts
CHM Giggles: OMG!!
Ferrari: lmaooo hello piggy oink oink
Pink123: OMG I know I’m on a diet but there’s no need for that lmaoo
CHM Giggles: OMG Pink I’m SS hunnie
Gertie: lmaoo ello oink!
**** Winner 1st Line: Pink123 ****
Ferrari: WD Oink
Gertie: WD Oink
Paddy: WD Oink
CHM Giggles: OMG I think it’s stuck LMAO WD Oink!
Pink123: lmaooo ty ty oink oink oink

Getting Up Close and Personal with the Caller

To set the scene… CH Snickers was in chat and getting a little frustrated with the caller as he was misbehaving so she decided to deal to him! As you would LOL but then…

CH Snickers: <<<< LICKS the caller
Petal: oh err lmaoooo
Gertie: ohh la la Gimmie some of that action LMAO
Dingdong: OMG my eyes my eyes lmao
CH Snickers: I mean KICKS KICKS! LMAO
Petal: sure sure hun we know….lol

Potty Mouth Chat Host LOL

To set the scene… CH Jester was about to hold a session of “Bingo School” in chat where CHM Giggles would come in and educate the roomies on new happenings with the site. Jester was just announcing this to the roomies with CHM Giggles watching on from outside.

CH Jester: CHM Giggles will be in soon to tell you all about the shite
Precious: lmaoooooooooooooo good good
CH Jester: OMG! Wot am I doing site site!! lmaoo
Tickle: nah Jest, shite better hun lmaooooo
CHM Giggles: <<<< Gives Jester 10 of the best! Tut tut LMAO
CH Jester: Wasn’t me miss, roomies made me do it lmaoo
Fancy36: oiiii no we never pmsl!

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